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Custom Services


Classic Static Calculations

If needed, we offer classic static calculations of the load bearing capacity of the load-bearing walls that support our stairs. Often, it is necessary that a wall initially designated as non-load bearing by the architect during the design phase, will have to be converted to a concrete or fair-faced concrete wall. We are often approached by our customers to provide the static calculations including reinforcements for the cantilevered stairs. Of course, we offer this service.

Static Calculations of Textile Concrete Structures

New materials, such as textile-reinforced concrete constitute an obstacle for many structural engineers that is difficult or impossible to overcome due to the lack of standards and technical regulations. This is an area where we have special expertise: We offer measurements of high-performance concretes, which use alternative reinforcements such as AR-glass or carbon fibers. Approvals for their use in practice are often required for individual projects. We would be happy to develop the necessary testing programs for these projects and run our own tests, as far as possible, or work with partners and institutions which have the appropriate special test facilities.

Measuring Accompaniment

We are well equipped to conduct many measurements of load/deformation tasks in product development of civil engineering. We are equipped with most modern transducers and sensors and able to measure and document even unusual components and conditions.